(commission I did for a friend :) )
mechanical pencil, markers


(commission I did for a friend :) )

mechanical pencil, markers

Younger Brother - Receptive


another beauty

(wednes)Day of Sound presents an amazing sunshiney summer trackkk:

Solar Fields - Summer


soo Sooo SOOO goood!!!

(sun)Day of Sound presents:

Xploding Plastix - Treat me mean i need the reputation

(nu jazz)

for some late night energy :)

(satur)Day of Sound presents an amazzzzing hungarian darkpsy DJ:  

Para Halu - Forgotten Futurist


currently my favourite dark track, if you like this genre it’s a MUST!!

(wednes)Day of Sound presents a track from the awesome new album of JUNO REACTOR!

Juno Reactor - Shine

(satur)day of music presents some lovely celtic vibes:

Celtic Cross - Darshannon


want to hear this live now in the burning sun and mud under my bare feet …every sound flowing through every piece of your heart and body.

(Satur)Day of Sound introduces you to:

Beats Antique - Beauty Beats

( tribal fusion, world, electronic )

get ready to move those hips and belly!

I get overwhelmed with the amount of music I need to explore.

A lifetime wouldn’t be enough.

Our cover of

Pirates of the Carribean-He’s a pirate¬† Violin (Victoria) Guitar (Me)